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“a magical girl transformation sequence”
strip #1556: a magical girl transformation sequence



“cranky makoto”

Sunday 2005-04-03

For some reason, Makoto is refusing to cooperate this morning and let anyone see the comic (apache wont accept connections, and i can't figure out why). We're working on getting it fixed, but since the comic is done, and many people end up here anyway at what is the more or less official MT translation site and very unofficial but thank-god-for it mirror, here ya go. :) Makoto should be back online soon. Thanks for your patience.


“Welcome !”

Sunday 2009-06-28

Welcome to megatokyo.org, home of the Megatokyo International Translations Project !

For the original Megatokyo webcomic, please go to http://www.megatokyo.com.